Process Service in Seminole, FL

Serving Pinellas County, St Petersburg, Largo, Clearwater, All of Florida, United States, Hawaii, Canada

What Is the Process?


  1. Email your documents to
  2. An associate will reply immediately or at the latest by the end of day.
  3. Use the secure Law Pay link found on our website or reply by email for use of credit card or echeck.
  4. Choose Routine, Rush, Same Day Rush.
  5. Our office will email/mail your Return of Service upon completion of service.

Our Process Servers are all experienced and knowledgeable pertaining to your area statutes,
and appointed by the Sheriffs of the State or Chief Judges

What Are the Different Levels of Services?

Some documents have high priority and need to be processed and served more quickly than others.

  • Routine Service means that we process your documents and put them on our servers route the day we receive them and depending on if the subjects are found home or in office on the immediate attempts the turnaround time can be and is usually 1-5 days.
  • Rush Service has us prioritize your documents and serve them ahead of all others to make sure we get the subject served for you asap to fit your time restraint.
  • Same-Day Service means that we process your documents and run with them immediately.

Note: We always process and serve Tenant Evictions and Notices the same day or the next day without any extra charges.

How Can You Get Started?

If you need a process server Nationwide, Statewide FL, Pinellas County FL, nearest main cities Seminole FL or St. Petersburg, FL and Clearwater, FL, we are here for you. Call (727) 492-0651 or email with any questions you have.