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Our Sheriff’s Appointed Pinellas County process servers cover all cities in Pinellas County, FL listed below daily
All CT Corporation Services located in Plantation and Tallahassee, FL

Our Daily Local Areas:

Pinellas County, FL

Zip Code City County Zip Code City County
33701 St. Petersburg Pinellas County 33757 Clearwater Pinellas County
33702 St. Petersburg Pinellas County 33758 Clearwater Pinellas County
33703 St. Petersburg Pinellas County 33759 Clearwater Pinellas County
33704 St. Petersburg Pinellas County 33760 Clearwater Pinellas County
33705 St. Petersburg Pinellas County 33761 Clearwater Pinellas County
33706 Pass A Grille Beach Pinellas County 33762 Clearwater Pinellas County
33706 St. Petersburg Beach Pinellas County 33763 Clearwater Pinellas County
33706 St. Pete Beach Pinellas County 33764 Clearwater Pinellas County
33706 St. Petersburg Pinellas County 33765 Clearwater Pinellas County
33706 Treasure Island Pinellas County 33766 Clearwater Pinellas County
33707 Gulfport Pinellas County 33767 Clearwater Beach Pinellas County
33707 St. Pete Beach Pinellas County 33767 Clearwater Pinellas County
33707 St. Petersburg Pinellas County 33770 Belleair Bluffs Pinellas County
33707 South Pasadena Pinellas County 33770 Largo Pinellas County
33708 Madeira Beach Pinellas County 33771 Largo Pinellas County
33708 North Redington Beach Pinellas County 33772 Seminole Pinellas County
33708 Redington Beach Pinellas County 33773 Largo Pinellas County
33708 Redington Shores Pinellas County 33774 Largo Pinellas County
33708 St. Petersburg Pinellas County 33775 Seminole Pinellas County
33709 Kenneth City Pinellas County 33776 Largo Pinellas County
33709 St. Petersburg Pinellas County 33776 Seminole Pinellas County
33710 St. Petersburg Pinellas County 33777 Largo Pinellas County
33711 Gulfport Pinellas County 33777 Seminole Pinellas County
33711 St. Petersburg Pinellas County 33778 Largo Pinellas County
33712 St. Petersburg Pinellas County 33778 Seminole Pinellas County
33713 St. Petersburg Pinellas County 33779 Largo Pinellas County
33714 St. Petersburg Pinellas County 33780 Pinellas Park Pinellas County
33715 Tierra Verde Pinellas County 33781 Pinellas Park Pinellas County
33715 St. Petersburg Pinellas County 33782 Pinellas Park Pinellas County
Our Daily Local Areas:

Hillsborough County, FL

Zip Code City County Zip Code City County
33503 Balm Hillsborough County 33612 Tampa Hillsborough County
33508 Brandon Hillsborough County 33613 Tampa Hillsborough County
33509 Brandon Hillsborough County 33614 Tampa Hillsborough County
33510 Brandon Hillsborough County 33615 Town N Country Hillsborough County
33511 Brandon Hillsborough County 33615 Tampa Hillsborough County
33527 Dover Hillsborough County 33616 Tampa Hillsborough County
33530 Durant Hillsborough County 33617 Tampa Hillsborough County
33534 Gibsonton Hillsborough County 33617 Temple Terrace Hillsborough County
33547 Lithia Hillsborough County 33618 Carrollwood Hillsborough County
33548 Lutz Hillsborough County 33618 Tampa Hillsborough County
33549 Lutz Hillsborough County 33619 Clair Mel City Hillsborough County
33550 Mango Hillsborough County 33619 Tampa Hillsborough County
33556 Odessa Hillsborough County 33620 Tampa Hillsborough County
33558 Lutz Hillsborough County 33621 Tampa Hillsborough County
33559 Lutz Hillsborough County 33622 Tampa Hillsborough County
33563 Plant City Hillsborough County 33623 Tampa Hillsborough County
33564 Plant City Hillsborough County 33624 Northdale Hillsborough County
33565 Plant City Hillsborough County 33624 Tampa Hillsborough County
33566 Plant City Hillsborough County 33625 Carrollwood Hillsborough County
33567 Plant City Hillsborough County 33625 Tampa Hillsborough County
33568 Riverview Hillsborough County 33626 Northdale Hillsborough County
33569 Riverview Hillsborough County 33626 Westchase Hillsborough County
33570 Ruskin Hillsborough County 33626 Tampa Hillsborough County
33571 Sun City Center Hillsborough County 33629 Palma Ceia Hillsborough County
33571 Ruskin Hillsborough County 33629 Tampa Hillsborough County
33572 Apollo Beach Hillsborough County 33630 Tampa Hillsborough County
33572 Ruskin Hillsborough County 33631 Tampa Hillsborough County
33573 Sun City Center Hillsborough County 33634 Tampa Hillsborough County
33573 Ruskin Hillsborough County 33635 Tampa Hillsborough County


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