Court cases almost always require documents, such as writs or summons, to be delivered to defendants or people involved in court cases. This process is key in lawsuits as it gives the defendant official notice of the claims. A process server is needed for a variety of tasks including filing court papers, serving legal documents and document retrieval. Their main purpose is to deliver (serve) documents to people involved in court cases. Process serving can be carried out by a private company or individual, or the Sheriff.

Which is the best choice?

Notable is a 2011 survey performed by ServeNow who gathered information from 100 paralegals, legal assistants and legal administrators that have papers served regularly. The survey resulted in an informative infographic to help with the decision of private process server vs. Sheriff. The results are interesting and ring true today as the parameters and urgency of the job of process serving have not changed.

The results showed that 78% of those surveyed said they preferred (and used) private servers. The survey determined that speed of service with private process servers was both faster and more efficient. Private servers will make more attempts to deliver the documents… it’s their job.  Accel Process Service does not limit their attempts, but go within reason and contact the client if we have any issues after we determine there is an issue.  Most servers sill only make 3-4 attempts, unless they are paid more and RUSH service is also another fee.

Whereas the Sheriff has a lot on his or her plate and may not have the time to get to the documents served in a timely fashion. They have other priorities and responsibilities and often won’t be able to make multiple attempts.

A huge benefit of using private process servers is time. The survey showed that 90% of the respondents said process servers got the job done faster. And as an added benefit, they offer a rush service. This is critical when you need something delivered right away, regardless of how many attempts it takes. A Sheriff most likely won’t be able to accomplish that.

Private process servers are the best answer. A private process server is determined to deliver the documents quickly and efficiently. They strive to develop a relationship of confidence and trust with the legal community. They understand the importance of delivering documents in a timely fashion as delays in the delivery of important court documents can delay hearings which end up increasing court costs and jamming up schedules.

This information is not intended to be exhaustive nor should any discussion or opinions be construed as professional advice. Should you have any questions or would like to discuss process services, please contact the pros at Accel Process Service (727) 492-0651. We are here to help.